Trent Valley darts League

League Rules

  1. All Teams applying to join the TVDL will pay a Deposit of £50 before being allowed entry into the League. This deposit will be repaid at the end of the season or can be carried over and used as a deposit for entry into the following season. Each team will be charged £25 each month payable at the Monthly delegates meeting on the final Wednesday of each Month. At the final meeting of the season the Treasurer will make the necessary adjustments to the fees. Deposits are treated exactly the same as league fees in that the responsibility to pay is with the nominated team captains. These captains (shown on the contact & fixtures lists) are responsible for the collection and payment of both league deposits and league fees. If the team or captain has an arrangement with a sponsor/landlord or whoever, that is a matter between themselves and not TVDL. The League will not enter into any dispute between parties on the subject of fees and deposits as the agreement is between the league and the nominated captains. The League collect the fees from the Captains, from where the money originates is not our business. Transferring of deposits is as above, the captains provide the league with the deposit.
  2. A match Fee for League and Cup competitions will be charged per match and a nominal sum of those fees is to be set aside and given as prize money at monthly meetings for those in attendance at either of the Roll Calls, where teams are behind with payments these winnings will be used to offset any outstanding balance
  3. League Format: Teams to consist of between four and eight players. Match to start with 2 doubles of 701 (best of 3 legs) followed by 4 singles of 501 (best of 5 legs for Premier, Division One and Division Two and best of 3 legs for the lower leagues). All games to be straight start and double finish. Pairs to be chosen by the Captain but order of play to be drawn. After the pairs, substitution of players can take place for the singles. Order of play to be drawn.
  4. The Committee shall wherever possible arrange Team and Individual Cup competitions throughout the season (see Appendix 1)
  5. All matches to be played on a trebles board. Standard throwing distance as follows – Floor to centre of Bullseye 5’8”, back of the oche to the face of the board 7’9¼”, diagonally from centre of the bull to back of the oche - 115½”).
  6. All matches 8:30 p.m. for 8:45 p.m. start.
  7. League Matches - 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. At the end of the season in the event of a tie on points, the following applies. Firstly, games won (not matches) then leg difference, then most legs won.
  8. The winning team is responsible for sending the result card to the fixtures secretary no later than 5 days after the match has taken place. In the event of a draw the home team are to take responsibility. Persistent failure to comply will result in 1 point being deducted at the Committee’s discretion.
  9. Promotion and relegation will be two up and two down, wherever possible.
  10. Players can be signed on to play on the night of the match. Players taking part in TVDL competitions MUST have competed in at least 50% of league games during the first half of the season, this includes Knock Out and Consolation Cup latter stages – i.e. Quarter Finals onwards.
  11. Any team playing an ineligible player will forfeit the match and two points will be deducted.
  12. Postponing of League matches is not allowed. League matches may be bought forward as long as both Captains are in agreement but may not be cancelled and rearranged for a later date. The Secretary should be notified immediately of any such advance in fixtures. If a team has not got a full complement of players they should turn up with whatever players are available and forfeit the games as per Rule 15. Any team failing to turn up for a scheduled fixture shall forfeit that game with the opposition sending in a completed scorecard. If a match is advanced of the scheduled date and then can not be fulfilled, the original scheduled fixture shall be the governing date. Postponing of Cup games is allowed so long as there is a result prior to the date scheduled for the proceeding round. In exceptional circumstances where the above cannot be applied then teams must follow rule 13. Teams failing to complete fixtures will receive a notional 'Yellow card' valid for 12 months, if that team fails to complete a second fixture in the 12 month time frame the team & players will be refused entry into the league for a period of 12 months. The league will listen to appeals and take each case on merit.
  13. Any protest must be made in writing to the League Secretary within five days of the alleged incident. The League will not enter into any dispute regarding non-dart-related issues, which includes costs/expenses incurred due to fixture cancellation or inclusion in blackouts or raffle draws, furthermore it is solely the Landlord / Landlady’s discretion as to whether food is provided for any darts night.
  14. Players are not allowed to transfer between teams during a playing season once they have represented a team.
  15. Teams turning up for a match with only three players shall forfeit two/three legs to nil - one doubles and one singles game. In the event of a drawn cup game three players would play against four in the 1001 deciding game, i.e. forfeiting 1 throw per round (3 darts from the team’s 12).
  16. Any team withdrawing from the League will be charged a full season’s fees. If a team refuses to pay by the last scheduled league game of the season then all individual team members will each be charged £20 regardless of the total amount remaining unpaid. In all circumstances it is the responsibility of the registered players to pay any and all outstanding fees regardless of any sponsorship deal that exists between the players and a third party. At the beginning of each season a ‘blacklist’ of such players will be distributed and updated throughout the season. Any team playing such a player will have the debt added to the team bill and should be paid at the first opportunity. If half of the fixtures are completed, i.e. all teams played once, the results to the halfway point will stand and subsequent games will be void. In the event of an incomplete half of fixtures, all results to be void. Where a game is void all points, games and legs will be deducted from the league tables, however 180’s, least darts and high checkouts will stand
  17. Teams not completing a full season must notify the Secretary in writing before registration is cancelled. Teams will continue to be charged accordingly until such confirmation is received.
  18. The Annual General Meeting is to take place after the September Monthly Meeting. Rule change proposals and Committee/ Officials nominations are to be submitted, in writing, no later than the July meeting and must be signed by both a proposer and a seconder from different teams. Members should be copied all proposals and nominations at the August meeting to allow discussions to take place prior to the September AGM.
  19. A fine of £5 will be incurred against any team not attending the Monthly Meeting. Any team failing to pay their fees more than 3 times during a single season will risk the possibility of expulsion from the League for following seasons.
  20. Only players Registered with the League prior to any League Competition shall qualify for entry.
  21. Any team 3 months behind with the payment of league fees will be asked to pay the outstanding balance in full within 7 days or be automatically debt suspended and take no further part in the league season. Any such team will be required to pay £60 deposit in addition to the normal deposit amount before rejoining the league in following seasons.
  22. Each team must be represented at the Presentation Evening and will receive two free tickets. Failure to attend will result in prize monies being forfeited with any trophies to be collected at the following delegates meeting. Any debt suspended players will not be allowed to collect any winnings unless their debt is paid in full by the last monthly meeting before the Presentation Evening.
  23. All teams must complete the competition entry form by the announced date. No late entries will be included in the draw for said competitions.
  24. All Cup Finals must be played on the Finals Night and cannot be rearranged. Failure to turn up on the Finals Night will mean the loss of the game and the prize money being forfeited.
  25. Teams must be represented at either the First or Second Roll Calls of the Monthly Meetings to qualify for the Monthly Cash Draw, unless the fees have been paid in advance. All numbers will be left in the draw, if a team not qualifying is drawn then the draw will be remade.
  26. Missing, non-returned or severely damaged trophies will result in that team / player sharing in the cost of replacement at a nominal fee of £250
  27. The Committee will address any items not covered in these rules and their decision will be final.

Appendix 1

Knockout & Consolation Cup Competitions

  • Entry into these competitions is mandatory
  • These will be played on a home OR home and away basis and as either a single competition or split into Higher & Lower as per the fixtures issued at the beginning of the season by the League Secretary.
  • Format to be the same as for the league matches, (secretary to confirm at draw if best of 5 etc)
  • If the teams are tied after either the singles (home) or the second leg (home and away), a single team game of 1001 with 4 players going alternately will determine the winner.
  • At the tie break point - Team Captains shall be free to choose any 4 signed on players and draw for team order with a further single toss of the coin to determine which team starts
  • A Handicap system maybe put in place and indicated by the Secretary of the draw fixture

Appendix 2

Entry Fees/Competition Supplements

  • An Entrance fee for all individual and Team competitions will be set by the Treasurer, with the prize moneys to be paid out as follows: Winner 50% of entry fees, Runner-up to receive 25%, Losing Semi-finalists 12.5%; the losing quarter finalists (this applies to Singles and Doubles only) to receive a nominal sum. All teams to be charged a competition supplement to be decided by the Treasurer for each competition, e.g. Doubles, Singles, Blind Triples, Blind Doubles & Divisional Singles. All money raised in this way will be used to make up the final prize money.


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